This test will help you determine if your computer and web browser meet the minimum requirements for running DigitalScope. It runs automatically with the exception of the memory on your computer, which you need to enter.
Test Description Status Result Pass/Fail
DigitalScope requires Microsoft Silverlight version 4 (5 recommended) or higher. If it is installed you meet the minimum requirements for the application browsing technology. In Progress
Silverlight Version Installed
DigitalScope works best on a high-speed internet connection (1.0Mbps or better). While DigitalScope will work on slower connections, it is highly recommended that you meet this criteria. In Progress Score
For some slides with focusable regions, DigitalScope loads data into the computer memory for faster retrieval. While DigitalScope can operate with less than 3GB of system RAM, it is strongly recommended that your computer meet this requirement to ensure optimum performance when viewing any slide. Please specify your system RAM in the boxes below.  Changing either field will cause the calculation to run.

In Progress Score
Silverlight is supported on most browsers including Internet Explorer(version 6 or above), Firefox (version 3 or above), Chrome (version 4 or above), and Safari for Mac (version 3 or above).
Unknown 0.0
Silverlight is only supported in 32 bit browsers. If you have a 64 bit version of a browser, there is often a 32 bit equivalent available.
Not a 32 bit browser
The DigitalScope Silverlight viewer requires javascript.
Javascript not supported